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A divorce, child custody, child support or other legal case involving family law issues can forever alter your reality.

At Ogle, Rowell & Penland, P.C., we know that family legal challenges are some of the most stressful and emotionally challenging cases people will ever confront.

Experience in the local court system

Our seventy years of solutions gives us the ability to intimately understand the Tennessee court system providing us with the opportunity to learn from our Tennessee judges.

Understand the complexities of family law

Our educated team has ample experience and knowledge in all aspects of family law, from divorce to juvenile legalities and beyond.

Navigate challenging family matters effectively

Family law is a delicate practice. 
Our extensive experience allows us to handle your case with confidence and respect.
Fighting for your family
Our attorneys have the experience and skills to be strong advocates for you no matter the family legal issue you face.

Compassionate advocacy

Your family’s dynamics are important, and affect your day-to-day wellbeing. We understand that you need someone to fight for your best interests.

Education concerning your case

Understanding what goes into these cases is important. We will provide you with the knowledge and information you need to be able to comprehend your case.

Listen first

Our family law attorneys are here to help you navigate the legal process and reach the most positive resolution possible.

We assist people in Sevierville and surrounding
areas with all aspects of family law, including:
Whether your divorce is straightforward or complicated, our lawyers are here to provide the best solution to fit your needs.
Child custody and visitation
We will advocate for you so that you have a custody plan that is reasonable and enforceable to protect your child and your rights.
Spousal support is important for all parties involved. When alimony is an issue, we will work together to help you and your spouse come to a fair agreement that suits your needs.
Child support
Accurate determinations of child support are important to ensure that a child has the stability he or she needs to thrive. We will explain the state guidelines to you and advocate for your rights and responsibilities under those guidelines

We support families in all aspects of family law:

Alimony / Spousal Maintenance
Allocation of Parental Responsibility
Annulments / Invalidity of Marriage
Asset Discovery
Child Custody / Visitation / Allocation of Parenting Time
Child Support
Child Visitation

Contempt Proceedings
Contested Divorce
Contesting Prenuptial Agreements
Custody Evaluations
Custody Issues for Non-Married Parents
Divorce and Business Valuations
DNA Paternity Testing

Domestic Violence
Enforcement of Orders
Fathers’ Rights
Grandparents’ Rights
Legal Separation
Modifications / Terminations
Mothers’ Rights
Name Change(s)
Orders of Protection
Parental Relocation or Removal

Client Testimonial

  • When working with them, Anna and Sara prioritized what was most important to me... No matter what came before us in the process, they helped me understand the legal process and jargon, explained my options, and helped me identify which options would best help me achieve my priority goal.
  • Nathan and Sara were nothing short of amazing with their time and efforts! Would highly recommend this law firm for your needs!
  • Needed a divorce and wanted to get it done quick and as easy as possible. Ms. Penland and her staff were on the ball and within 4 months of an agreed divorce it happened. Quick and painless during a difficult time; that is just what I needed. Great Service!
  • I have used this firm on multiple issues for the last 6 years . Anna and Sara are a reliable team that delivers results! Highly recommend them!

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Our family law attorneys are here to help you navigate the legal process and reach the most positive resolution possible.

We want you to leave our offices feeling as though you have transferred some of the weight you are carrying on your shoulders to ours.

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