Why it is easier to get away with hit-and-runs in late autumn

Despite the increase in security measures and awareness of the issue, hit-and-run fatalities have recently come to a record high. Certain states in the nation have it worse than others, and unfortunately, Tennessee is one of them. Recent studies show that Tennessee is one of the top ten states with the highest average number of hit-and-runs in 2016.

As we arrive towards the middle of autumn, we also arrive at a time of the year with some of the most optimal conditions for a reckless driver to flee a scene without catching them. Residents need to be aware of these factors so they can take precautions before heading out on the streets.

Less sunnier hours

Thanks to daylight savings occurring in early November, we lose an hour of sunlight. A study on the AAA of hit-and-run crashes states that nighttime is one of the more frequent time periods for reckless drivers to flee the scene because there is less visibility to catch their model and license plate. We are now approaching a time of the year where it can be dark out when someone drives to work and home. Most people will not be able to avoid driving in the dark. The only way they can counter this is to go on busier well-lit roadways that may put them into heavy traffic.

More precipitation

November and December have the highest percentages of precipitation in the year. No matter if snow or rain is falling from the sky, motorists would have an easier time in these conditions since it is more difficult for you and other nearby drivers to see them in with water pouring on your windshields. Combine this with the continuously darker hours, and guilty drivers have a significantly better chance of fleeing the scene without a chase.

Still warm enough for pedestrians

While November and December may not be the warmest months of the year in Tennessee, they are still good enough for bikers and walkers to exercise on the sides of the roads. It is not like the Midwest where a resident would freeze the moment they open their doors. Some prefer exercising in these conditions as the cool air diminishes the body’s thirst response and they are not worn down by the heat as much. Unfortunately, these tend to be the most common victims in hit-and-run crashes, as they lack protection that could keep them awake to see the other driver’s vehicle.

Reckless drivers should not get away from a hit-and-run accident. No-one responsible for these devastating crashes should avoid their responsibility to compensate the victim. If you are a victim of one of these incidents and need advice on how to proceed, a personal injury attorney might be able to assist you.