What are the best treatments for my whiplash?

Tennessee car accident victims may find that they are suffering from severe neck pain, back pain and headaches in the days or weeks following a serious car accident. These symptoms could relate to the medical condition known as whiplash — one of the most common problems that people have after a jarring auto collision.

If you’re suffering from whiplash caused by an auto accident, here are some of the ways that doctors recommend you can find relief and speed up your whiplash recovery:


The first recommendation that doctors may give is to allow your condition time to heal on its own. Your body’s own healing mechanisms will start working to heal the strained or torn neck muscles immediately after your accident. In fact, much of the pain, swelling or stiffness you encounter could be a part of the body’s natural healing process.


To support your body in healing itself, whiplash victims should rest their necks and refrain from engaging in strenuous activity.


Using an ice pack for 15 minutes every few hours can do wonders for increasing circulation and alleviating inflammation.


Over-the-counter, Ibuprofen-based pain medication like Advil can help victims of whiplash deal with their pain symptoms.


The short-term use of a neck brace can offer the neck added rest and support while a victim is healing.


Regular visits to a chiropractor could be helpful to whiplash victims during their healing processes.


Physiotherapists may be able to provide whiplash victims with exercises to strengthen and rebalance their delicate neck structures.

The medical care and time spent out of work while healing from a serious case of whiplash — or other car accident injuries — will likely represent a serious financial burden. Therefore, victims of car accidents may want to investigate whether they can pursue financial claims for justice and restitution from the parties that caused their injuries.