Preparing for your fall driving

With summer vacation over and the kids going back to school, the temperatures are beginning to fall in Tennessee. Several studies show summer to be the most dangerous driving season of the year, but that does not mean that autumn is lacking when it comes to driving hazards.

As the seasons transition in the Volunteer State, there are several aspects you need to change about your driving approach to prepare yourself for fall’s obstacles. It is better to apply these alterations as soon as you can so you can develop these habits quickly.

Timely obstructions

To avoid or minimize some obstacles, you might need to change your schedule up. With children going back to school, the mornings will be even more crowded with student drivers and school buses occupying the roads. You either need to leave earlier to get to work and avoid excessive traffic, or find an alternate route that less school buses will be on. If a school bus does drive past your neighborhood or route, make sure you familiarize yourself with Tennessee’s school bus laws so that you are aware of proper etiquette around the large vehicles.

After you avoid the students during the day, you need to prepare yourself for two major hindrances in the evening. The temperature cooling down also means that the sun will not be out as long as it was in the summer. This means on top of the typical traffic on the drive back, you also have to deal with a sun glare that impairs your vision. While you may see better once the sun is down, you will also soon have to deal with the rampant deer population near October. Deer accidents have been increasing in the last couple of years, so plan your timing and route carefully to minimize the chances of these hazards affecting you.

Get your car ready for the cold

Tennessee may not get as cold as the Midwest, but that does not mean that citizens shouldn’t prepare for lower temperatures in the autumn. Have a set of warmer clothing and a jumpstart kit in the car in case it will not start up and check your heating system to make sure it works properly before you start using it. Since it becomes increasingly harder to brake around these times with the falling leaves, high winds and decreasing tire pressures, you will also have to look over your tires and braking system.

Lastly, be on the lookout for other drivers as you usually are. There are plenty of student drivers and unprepared motorists on the Tennessee roads that could bring about a serious motor vehicle accident. If you receive any major injuries, you should consider if the case could potentially be brought to court to help you financially recover from your physical injuries.