Important tips for a fun and safe family vacation

Getting out of town for a relaxing road trip after months of work makes you think of carefree times and fun, not accidents. However, accidents do happen on vacation and many are preventable. Here’s a breakdown of the leading causes of vacation accidents and how to help prevent them.

Tips to avoid car accidents

Even though you’re racing to get everyone ready, don’t forget routine car maintenance before you head out of town, so your car isn’t a safety hazard. Keep distractions to a minimum while driving by letting the kids watch a movie while you concentrate on the road.

Remember best driving practices on vacation:

• Practice defensive driving and don’t tailgate

• Don’t text or talk on the phone while driving

• Keep an eye on the speedometer, especially in inclement weather

Make sure to get plenty of sleep while traveling to stay awake on the road, and stow a stocked first aid kit in the trunk. It will come in handy when you least expect it. Throw in some other emergency supplies such as water and snacks in case you get stranded somewhere, or the munchies strike when you’re nowhere near a convenience store.

Prevent water tragedies

Make sure that everyone that goes into the pool knows how to swim. Take turns with another adult supervising the non-swimmers in a wading pool. Never operate a boat or jet ski while drinking alcohol and insist on life jackets for everyone in your boat. Remind everyone in your group about safety in and around the water, and keep an eye out for reckless boaters.

Bypass the emergency room

Help avoid bumps, scrapes, and fractures by keeping an eye on the kids and involving them in family activities so that they don’t stray and get into a situation they shouldn’t be in. Keep aware of your surroundings and any impending weather hazards, so you aren’t caught in a dangerous location.

Don’t lose anyone

Nothing is scarier for children or their parents than getting lost. If you’re visiting public places such as an amusement park, make a plan with your children of what to do if they can’t find you. Most parks will have a designated place where lost children get taken, and families can reunite. A little preparation before and while on your trip will pay off for everyone having the most enjoyable time possible.