How to heal broken bones faster

If you were involved in a serious car accident, there’s a chance that you suffered a broken bone. These injuries are painful, debilitating and they can affect virtually anywhere in your body that you find a bone. Due to the pain, discomfort and disabling nature of these injuries, most patients want to know how they can speed up their recovery.

Here are five ways that patients with bone fractures might be able to speed up their healing processes:

Quit smoking

It’s not entirely clear why, but patients who are smokers have a slower healing time for broken bones than patients who don’t smoke. In fact, stopping smoking could be the most important thing you do to heal your broken bone faster.

Eat healthy foods

A balanced diet that includes all four food groups will help speed the healing time for your broken bones.

Make sure you’re getting enough calcium

It’s important to get enough calcium while your broken bones are healing. Keep in mind, however, that increasing to an unusual level of calcium will not speed up the healing process. Getting the normal amount you require from natural sources should be enough to do the job.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations

Do everything your doctor says. If your doctor says to wear a boot on your foot, follow the recommendation. If the doctor says to use a cast or brace, don’t take it off unless the doctor says it’s okay. If the doctor says rest or resume activity, do this too. Remember, your doctor wants you to heal as quickly as possible, so do what he or she says.

Ask about treatment options

Treatment options could exist — like surgery — that will speed up your recovery time. Ask your doctor about different options you’re not considering.

Getting the medical care you need after a serious car accident could be a costly and unaffordable undertaking. However, if a negligent party caused your accident, this party might be liable to pay for your damages.