Housekeeping practices that prevent slip-and-fall injuries

A slip-and-fall accident can cause deadly injuries and leave property owners vulnerable to personal injury lawsuits. Property owners, therefore, must be careful to keep their properties safe and free of unnecessary obstacles and problems that could result in a slip, trip or fall. One way to prevent injuries to guests on a property is to maintain good housekeeping practices. At a bare minimum, property owners need to do the following in terms of housekeeping:

Establish cleanliness and orderliness standards. Create a plan that ensures all areas frequented by property visitors are clean, organized and well-kept. Determine what has to be done to clean and organize these areas and establish standards for what various areas of the property need to look like.

Assign staff to maintain cleanliness and orderliness standards. Perhaps the property owner will assign one person each day to make sure bathrooms are free of water and slipping hazards every 30 minutes. Or, maybe a specific employee will ensure that the produce area of the grocery store doesn’t have any slippery produce on the floor.

Enforce the standards when employees fail in their duties. Property owners and managers also need to enforce the standards they put in place. When employees fail in their duties, they should be directed to complete the tasks to which they’ve been assigned. Employers can create reward systems to encourage employees to stay on task in this regard.

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