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No matter whether you are wealthy or live paycheck to paycheck, you should have a will, powers of attorney for finances and health care, and a living will. These documents are especially critical for those who have minor children and those with blended families where both spouses have children from prior marriages or relationships.

Since 1952, Ogle, Rowell & Penland, P.C., has prepared wills, powers of attorney and living wills in Sevierville and the surrounding communities, giving careful consideration to the individual needs and circumstances of each client. It is our goal to ensure that our neighbors are prepared for anything that may happen later in their lives.

Why DIY Estate Planning Is A Bad Idea

When it comes to basic estate planning, there are countless do-it-yourself options available; however, there are several potential problems with DIY estate plans. One major problem is that many do not take into account state-specific laws, and if your estate plan does not comply with Tennessee laws, it may not hold up in court when you need it to. These kits also do not take into account your unique circumstances and needs. One of the most important aspects of the will preparation process is the detailed interview that we conduct with our client. With our guidance, you can rest easy knowing you have a will, powers of attorney and a living will which comply with state law and are customized to meet your needs.

Finding The Right Tools For You

Everyone has different needs when it comes to estate planning. Our lawyers will conduct a thorough review of your finances and listen carefully to your goals in order to determine which tools will serve your needs. Some tools they will consider include:

  • Wills, including trust provisions if needed
  • Living wills/physician’s directives
  • Powers of attorney for financial and health care matters

Experienced Estate Administration And Probate Attorneys

Personal representatives have numerous responsibilities when it comes time to probate an estate. They must settle all debts of the estate, file an estate tax return and ensure the estate is properly administered for the benefit of the heirs, which may also include filing an inventory and accounting. These responsibilities can be extremely time-consuming and very stressful, and the personal representative can be held accountable for any mistakes that are made. When it comes to probate and estate administration, let us carry this burden and make the process manageable.

Our attorneys have decades of experience moving even the most complex estates through the probate and administration processes. We have the skills, experience and contacts to ensure that the estate is properly appraised and administered.

Occasionally, family members contest the validity of the decedent’s will, making the process even more complicated. Our lawyers are skilled litigators prepared for any challenges in the probate process. We will not leave your side no matter what situation arises.

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