BMW recalls 1.6 million diesel vehicles

BMW announced last Tuesday that it will expand a recall of 480,000 diesel cars to a total of 1.6 million. The recall will affect BMWs found throughout the world. It was inspired by numerous cars that caught on fire in South Korea earlier this year.

According to BMW, the problems that caused the fires relates to coolant leaks in the emission control systems of affected cars. When the coolant leaks and collects in areas where diesel soot is found, the combination creates a serious risk of fire. Although numerous cars caught fire in South Korea, there were no reported injuries or fatalities attributed to the instances.

In an effort to safeguard drivers from getting hurt, BMW instituted the recall, which affects certain diesel cars manufactured between 2010 and 2017. Among the 1.6 million recalled vehicles, an estimated 54,700 cars have been recalled in Canada and the United States.

It’s not precisely clear which BMW models have been affected by this recall. What we do know is that it is limited to diesel vehicles, due to their unique capacity to catch fire. BMW said in a statement that it will contact the owners of affected vehicles directly with instructions.

If you or a loved one was involved in a vehicle crash that ended in the car catching fire, it’s important to investigate the exact reason for the fire. Sometimes, faulty and defective cars will catch fire during a collision as a result of the manufacturer’s negligence. In these situations, injured parties may be able to pursue financial claims against the negligent automaker.