Amusement park injuries can change your life

For many parents, summer is perfect time to take your family on a vacation. If your kids are the right age, an amusement park may be the destination of choice. Visiting an amusement park can provide fun for the whole family. Unfortunately, visiting an amusement parks is not always fun and games. According to CNN, an estimated 30,000 injuries occurred at amusement parks in 2016 and were serious enough to require a trip to the emergency room.

Possible injuries

Injuries can occur when riding on a roller coaster, water rides, water slides, wave pools, or even lazy river rides. Malfunctioning Ferris wheels or swinging or sliding rides can also lead to potential injury. These can include deadly falls, drowning, stress-related injuries, or even injuries of an emotional nature.

Generally, head, back, and neck injuries are the most frequently reported type of amusement park injury. The effects can be much more serious. Traumatic brain injuries, aneurysms, severed limbs, and strokes have all been reported. These injuries can be life-altering.

Potential long-term consequences

If you or a loved one was injured at an amusement park, your first reaction is to seek medical care. However, some injuries may require more than an initial treatment. A severe injury could need rehabilitation, surgery, prolonged hospital care, or other types of long-term medical care. Injuries could also cause emotional trauma that needs to be treated with some form of therapy.

Seeking compensation

Serious injuries generally mean large hospital bills. These bills may seem overwhelming. As the injured party, you have the right to pursue compensation for your treatment.

Tennessee recently passed legislation allowing people injured at amusement parks to sue ride owners and operators. You may be eligible to have your current and future medical expenses covered and possibly could pursue punitive damages. You likely will want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you determine how to proceed.